A sampling of music by Greg

Thanks to Kristina Kratz and other good folks, there’s a growing library of Greg’s music available at SoundCloud. Here’s are some tracks. We will be updating these to make them downloadable. In the meantime, if you have music by Greg or featuring him, please send it to GregFeldmanMemorial-at-gmail-dot-com

If You Leave (Greg Feldman) by GregFeldmanSongs

and this

Genie in a Bottle (Greg Feldman) by GregFeldmanSongs

2 thoughts on “A sampling of music by Greg

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this collection of songs. It’s bittersweet, listening to them and the comforting blanket which was his unique voice when suddenly, the terrible reality sets in. Is there any way to make all the songs downloadable, including the ones on soundcloud? thank you

  2. doc kimchee – We are working to collect as many of Greg’s songs as we can, and making all of his songs downloadable. As soon as we can, we’ll let everyone know through this site how to download a "full collection"/album. Thanks for letting us know that you are listening!

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