From A Friend: Mark Keldahl

I am Greg’s co-fellow Mark at Northwestern. I have been lucky enough to work closely with your talented son for the past 5 months in vascular surgery. He was such a great doctor, I don’t even know where to begin. Greg made me laugh so many times with his humor it made the days so much more fun. Residents and students appreciated the time he gave to teach on a daily basis. Greg and I taught each other daily, whether it was me giving him tips for his next case, or him teaching me about Jewish culture, showing me YouTube videos on his iPhone of Jewish wedding receptions!, or teaching me what ‘real’ music is compared to the main stream junk I listen to!… I cherished our relationship… We will all miss Greg dearly and we will never forget him in the years to come…

From A Friend: Rishawn Carter

I am a scrub technician, on the Vascular team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I only had the privilege of knowing Greg for a short time, but it was a memorable time. When I first met Greg, I instantly was drawn to his wonderful spirit. 

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