From A Friend: Ellen Morrow, Stanford Surgery Resident

I wanted to send my warmest wishes and condolences. Greg was a friend and a role model. I met him when I was a 4th year medical student and he was an intern, and then shared this residency with him for the next 4 years.

He was always full of advice, very patient, helpful and funny.

He used to come over and study sometimes, occasionally with beer and often with his music.

A representative story is from the beginning of my intern year – I was at a party for the conclusion of Greg’s intern year. It was his first night of freedom after finishing internship, and my first night of call as a new intern. I received a page from theVA hospital about a patient who had just developed an abnormal heart rhythm. Feldman must have noticed the look ofabject terror on my face. He pulled me aside, and took time out from his own party, celebrating the end of his time as an intern, to explain to me how to be an intern. He carefully explained the sequence of tests I needed to do to evaluate the patient.

I also remember when I was on call with him at the valley.  We were having a very busy day, but he managed to buy cappuccinos for both of us at the cafeteria and bring them to the ER where we were managing traumas.

These are just two of the times when Greg took time out from his busy life to help me.  I just wish I could have been there to help him.  But he never seemed like he needed help. He was always cheerful and in control.

I will miss him.


One thought on “From A Friend: Ellen Morrow, Stanford Surgery Resident

  1. Greg is an inspiration, simply put. I cried after watching the ’05 speech video and then realizing he had tragically passed away exactly a month and one day ago.

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