Greg’s Music: Question

Question by Greg Feldman

Greg sent this song to a friend with the following note: “another project from the Greg Feldman studio, in the sensitive acoustic white boy genre you seem to endorse.”

From A Friend: Noam Weinstein

Although I did not share Stacy’s good fortune of having Greg as a close friend during college, I was very lucky through her, Gian, and others to cross paths with him at various points over the years, and one of the things that always struck me was how incredibly generous and supportive he was of other artists. In looking over the too-few emails we exchanged, I am ashamed to report that a good 75% of them consist of Greg expressing interest in and enthusiasm for my own musical efforts. Continue reading

Greg’s Music / From A Friend: Michael Levinson

Hi – I’m the husband of Amanda Muñoz, an HMS classmate of Greg’s and a friend both in Boston and in Palo Alto. A fellow amateur musician, I recorded with Greg a couple of times over the years. A lot of people have posted songs by Greg, and I thought I’d add my own – one that I don’t think a lot of people have heard, and one that I think captures the more poignant side of Greg’s musical expression.


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Greg’s Music: Secret Remix with Mieka Pauley

Secret_Remix_(Mieka_and_Greg).mp3In this track, Greg accompanies singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley with electric guitar on her song “Secret.” Greg and Mieka collaborated regularly on musical performances starting at Harvard College’s Dunster House during their undergraduate days and continuing through the mid 2000s while they both lived in Boston.