From A Friend: Noam Weinstein

Although I did not share Stacy’s good fortune of having Greg as a close friend during college, I was very lucky through her, Gian, and others to cross paths with him at various points over the years, and one of the things that always struck me was how incredibly generous and supportive he was of other artists. In looking over the too-few emails we exchanged, I am ashamed to report that a good 75% of them consist of Greg expressing interest in and enthusiasm for my own musical efforts. Continue reading

From A Friend: Kedar Mate

I saw you for the first time in over a year about a month ago at our buddy, Nupe’s wedding. I still don’t really know how to react to losing you Greg. You called me the night before Nupe’s wedding—who knew that would be my last chance.

I miss you my friend.

  • Countless phone messages over the years with you singing songs I didn’t know.
  • Countless memories of your antics, countless memories of you.
  • I was still holding out hope that we would someday work together, overseas—in Haiti or Rwanda.  You’d operate, I’d peddle antibiotics. Continue reading

From A Friend: Harriett Cholden, Greg’s Fifth Grade Teacher

A Game Changer

Greg was a serious student for sure, but he was certain to let his good humor prevail frequently, too.  In the fifth grade, we have a dubbing ceremony at the end of the year where students pick a medieval name.  As a teacher, I was trying to encourage the name choices to represent something about our medieval studies.

Greg, however, wanted to be “Sir Loin.”  I didn’t want him to use this name, but, of course, with his determination and all of his friends saying: “let him use it, it’s so funny,” what’s a teacher to do? Continue reading

From A Friend: Laura Edgerley-Gibb M.D.

I was a 3rd year medical student at Stanford when I met Greg during his surgical internship five years ago. We spent countless hours together on the general surgery service at the Palo Alto VA, which was one of my first as a medical student.  He taught me basic skills like how to remove surgical staples, he corrected my documentation and did all of the numerous things we do to teach each other the technical aspects of doctoring.  But more importantly, he reminded me why I entered medical school in the first place.  

Continue reading

From A Friend: Leticia Mendoza


I was very fortunate to have known Greg for the past 5 years. Greg’s charm was undeniable, as was his humble and kind heart and I will always cherish every moment spent with him.

I met Greg during the summer of 2005, when he was a brand-new intern at Stanford. I worked in the cardiothoracic intermediate ICU and we frequently shared patients. I thought I was helping out by “translating” for the patient and Greg in Spanish. He let me do this for about 5 minutes before he started speaking his eloquent Spanish. I was amazed, and embarrassed at the same time (that his Spanish was so much better than mine, and I’m a native speaker)… This was my first encounter with him and I always joked and reminded him about how he made me suffer through my terrible Spanish in front of the patient. Continue reading