Greg’s Music: Secret Remix with Mieka Pauley

Secret_Remix_(Mieka_and_Greg).mp3In this track, Greg accompanies singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley with electric guitar on her song “Secret.” Greg and Mieka collaborated regularly on musical performances starting at Harvard College’s Dunster House during their undergraduate days and continuing through the mid 2000s while they both lived in Boston.

A sampling of music by Greg

Thanks to Kristina Kratz and other good folks, there’s a growing library of Greg’s music available at SoundCloud. Here’s are some tracks. We will be updating these to make them downloadable. In the meantime, if you have music by Greg or featuring him, please send it to GregFeldmanMemorial-at-gmail-dot-com

If You Leave (Greg Feldman) by GregFeldmanSongs

and this

Genie in a Bottle (Greg Feldman) by GregFeldmanSongs