Greg’s Music: Iesha

Iesha.mp3Playground funk done Greg-style.


From A Friend: Ellis Verosub

I am a friend of Greg’s from his early days in San Francisco, and I was deeply saddened to hear about his passing.  Greg and I met through Noah Feinstein in 2000, and we shared our Jewish heritage as well as a love of music.  We jammed together on a few occasions.  We also went hiking together in parks around the Bay Area.  In later years I didn’t see him as often as I wished, mostly at events that Noah hosted, but I always enjoyed spending time with him and watching how he brightened every room he entered.

I would like to contribute these photos to Greg’s online memorial.


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From A Friend: Demetra Siambis

The words that follow will undoubtedly fall short of the deep sincerity that I am attempting to convey. I met Greg at Stanford, he as a surgery resident and myself as a secretary in the ER. We quickly became friends. I knew early on that this was a unique human being that would affect me in unimaginable ways and surpass the meaning of the word ‘friend’. I was right. Here are just 2 of my precious memories of Greg… Continue reading

From A Friend: Dan Kramer

I was one of Greg’s classmates at HMS, and I am deeply sorry for your loss. Greg will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him, and I wanted to pass on just a few thoughts.

I wanted to share a memory I have of Greg, a moment we shared almost by accident that now helps me remember his best qualities: Match Day. Greg and I opened our residency match envelopes together in March of 2005 on the steps of Gordon Hall. We hadn’t planned it that way, but just happened to work our way through the crowd at the same moment at the Registrar and chose to escape outside. I remember vividly turning to Greg to watch him open his envelope with no expectations of how he would react…
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From A Friend: Bethany Slater


This is a picture of Greg winning the vascular resident of the year (pictured with Dr. Lee, vascular surgeon at Stanford giving him the award). He was so unbelieavably talented and this shows recognition of a portion of that talent from the Stanford vascular department. All of us at Stanford will miss Greg tremendously and will never forget everything he gave to us and all of the lives he has touched.