From one of Greg’s Teachers: Becky Rossof

The pain of learning of Greg’s death is still so sharp; it is hard to realize that it is a year since his death.  During the year I have often thought of sending something to his memorial, but could not address the sadness of doing so.  Now is the time.

Greg stands out amongst all of the Parker students I had the pleasure of teaching for many reasons.  Certainly his intellect and curiosity set him apart from many others.  When many high school students were still finding their identities and sorting out their values, Greg was already such a fabulous human being.  But one of my fondest memories of Greg sprang from his musical talents and knowledge that he shared so generously.  When it was a lab day, Greg of course came prepared for the procedures and worked thoughtfully as he skillfully went about the experiment.   But he also brought his Walkman loaded with some interesting tape.  At some point during the procedure, he would call me over, hand me the headset and I was to guess the artist.  He brought in tapes that varied from Sarah Vaughan to Santana.  Sometimes I could correctly identify them, sometimes I could not.  But I always looked forward to lab days and my music quizzes.  Surely Greg taught us all in ways we shall treasure forever.

With great sympathy and admiration to Greg’s family and dear friends who have spent the year putting one foot in front of the other –

Most sincerely,

Becky Rossof

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