From A Friend: Sarie Keller

I am a friend of Greg’s from Parker and remain so saddened by his passing each and every day. I was lucky enough to see him a few times during his time at Northwestern and can only wish that we could have had more time to enjoy his incredible humor and his wonderful stories of his life experiences. We sat together at Dana and Aaron Rice’s wedding and he enchanted me all night with his various adventures at Stanford, in Rwanda and at various salsa outings. He also kept checking his phone to see if his sister Judith was in labor, as he could not wait to be an uncle again. It was absolutely clear that Greg loved his family above and beyond comprehension. 


Although I still feel like I’m in high school, my oldest child is in SK at Parker. Everyday I walk down the halls and think of Greg. In particular, every morning when I see the silver horse, Arthur.  I remember Greg sitting on the horse with a “Seniors ’95” sign in the middle of the auditorium after we had removed all the entire front section of seats for our senior prank. I found this picture shortly after his funeral and it brought back so many wonderful memories. Greg gave so much to the Parker community, through his various student activities, as a student, as a musician and as a wonderful person and a friend to many. He will be missed.

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