From A Friend: Noam Weinstein

Although I did not share Stacy’s good fortune of having Greg as a close friend during college, I was very lucky through her, Gian, and others to cross paths with him at various points over the years, and one of the things that always struck me was how incredibly generous and supportive he was of other artists. In looking over the too-few emails we exchanged, I am ashamed to report that a good 75% of them consist of Greg expressing interest in and enthusiasm for my own musical efforts.I’ve also heard from several mutual friends that he was equally, selflessly supportive of their endeavors. I wanted to share with you one exception to this, an exchange in which I finally succeeded in getting Greg to talk about himself for a few minutes, which he did with incredible humor and insight. (Note that even in this case he couldn’t help but send some encouragement my way first.)

from    Greg Feldman
to        Noam Weinstein
date    Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 4:48 AM

That’s quite enough self-flagellation out of you, young man.  I’ve been hearing you trash on your recordings and performances for years, and yet none of them has ever disappointed me.

Me, I’m living the dream. Granted, it’s not always my dream. Actually, some nights, it’s difficult to imagine whose dream it could be, precisely, and what they’d eaten before bedtime. I’m in the second year of my surgery residency, working the night-shift this month at Kaiser Santa Clara (they rotate us through a bunch of places). Imagine a hospital. Now remove all technology created after the Crimean War. You have Kaiser Santa Clara. I’m operating my face off on things that go “ugh” in the night, so generally good times.


– G

 Wishing you love, strength, healing, and joyful memories.


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