From A Friend: Rishawn Carter

I am a scrub technician, on the Vascular team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I only had the privilege of knowing Greg for a short time, but it was a memorable time. When I first met Greg, I instantly was drawn to his wonderful spirit. 

I remember one time when we were in the O.R. and we were discussing what kind of music we were going to listen to. Greg asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to. I told Greg that he wouldn’t want to hear what I wanted to hear. He asked “What kind of music, Rishawn?”. I told him Gospel music. He said “Oh, I have gospel” and went and got his iPod and put on some Aretha Franklin gospel music. Often during cases we would talk and he would answer the questions I had about the surgeries, he would always make sure that I got the instruments back during the surgeries and help me look for that lost 7-0 prolene needle that is hard to see with the naked eye.

During our talks Greg always expressed how happy he was to be back home with family. I wrote this testimony because I want Greg Feldman’s family to know that although the Northwestern Memorial Vascular team only knew Greg for a little while, we to got a chance to see how wonderful and kind of a man Greg was. My prayers are with the Feldman family and friends. 

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