From A Friend: Kedar Mate

I saw you for the first time in over a year about a month ago at our buddy, Nupe’s wedding. I still don’t really know how to react to losing you Greg. You called me the night before Nupe’s wedding—who knew that would be my last chance.

I miss you my friend.

  • Countless phone messages over the years with you singing songs I didn’t know.
  • Countless memories of your antics, countless memories of you.
  • I was still holding out hope that we would someday work together, overseas—in Haiti or Rwanda.  You’d operate, I’d peddle antibiotics.

One story for you Greg, that I don’t know if you ever knew…you were with me on a night out when Meera, now my wife, had first come to Boston for a visit.  She remembers that night so well. You probably won’t remember that you gave me a CD of the music of that night and later, I had sent that CD on to Meera. She thought I’d made the mix and thought I was unbelievably cool in my musical taste. I let her believe it (at least for a little while). There was a song on that mix, Greg…Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel the Hawaiian guy. 

That song would later become my wedding song with Meera—we danced our first dance to it, we squeeze each other tightly when we hear it and when we are not in the same place, it reminds us of each other.

 But it also reminds me of you, Greg, because you’d brought that piece of music into my life.

I miss you my friend, I really do.

Your buddy forever.


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