From A Friend: Harriett Cholden, Greg’s Fifth Grade Teacher

A Game Changer

Greg was a serious student for sure, but he was certain to let his good humor prevail frequently, too.  In the fifth grade, we have a dubbing ceremony at the end of the year where students pick a medieval name.  As a teacher, I was trying to encourage the name choices to represent something about our medieval studies.

Greg, however, wanted to be “Sir Loin.”  I didn’t want him to use this name, but, of course, with his determination and all of his friends saying: “let him use it, it’s so funny,” what’s a teacher to do?So I did let him use it.  Of course, it was hugely successful; it is still a choice for current students.  Students love this approach, and it provides pleasure and many good laughs at the ceremony. It’s a good reminder about letting the students have a voice in their projects.  I spoke to a current fifth grade teacher, Jeff Stone, (I am now retired) and told him this story so that its origin will be remembered.

I was at the funeral yesterday and all the speeches so reminded me of my wonderful year with Greg and with you, such cooperative and nice parents. Please know my thoughts are with you all.

I think some of the students who hear the Dubbing Story might remember and enjoy it.


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